About Me

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Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Chisom Ann Omabu. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I am not a professional chef; I am just a cook, a wife and a mother, who knows her way around the kitchen. Life has taken me on a journey across many countries where I have lived, enjoyed many intercontinental dishes and imbibed different culinary skills. I must say that now, I know a thing or two about blending the culture of cooking.

The joy of cooking lies in its creativity. The ability of one to whip up a sumptuous meal, regardless of where one finds him or herself is priceless. A good food invigorates the soul. I want to use this medium to share my home style recipes. I frequently marry our Nigerian classic dishes with my international experience in cooking. Of course, as expected, there will definitely be reinvention of some of our classic dishes. I hope to take you on a journey of rediscovery; a revival of those tastes that makes us never to forget home.

It is noteworthy to mention, that a chef is at her best with her tools and spices. Having the right appliances saves you time and energy, and makes your meal turn out on par with professional chefs. The glory days when pestle and mortar ruled the kitchen has passed. Folks, amass your cooking arsenals! You are going to need them. They will bless your new found love for your kitchen. How true the saying, variety is the spice of life. One could also deliciously say “spices are varieties in life.” Know thy spices. A little dash of this and that can turn an ordinary meal to extraordinary!