Here in U.S., its few weeks to thanksgiving which makes me super, yummy excited because I have a plan, guess what it is… well…enough…I’m gonna make a change on the classic thanksgiving menu of mashed potatoes and…..swap to mashed Pumpkin which is by far a healthier alternative to mashed potatoes. Ask me why and I’ll tell you, it’s packed with vitamins; it’s paleo, gluten free and did I mention vegan friendly too. What more can you ask for? I love love thanksgiving, because it’s the time families get together to show and share love then again create memories. We have made it our family tradition to visit the farm before the d-day to purchase fresh turkey and the kids get to see and pet other animals! Isn’t this fun?!
Now back to my mashed Pumpkin, you can make it chunky or smooth, you can also add variety of ingredients to add on the mashed potatoes. This year, allow me to introduce to you, my Creamy Sage Black Pepper Mashed Pumpkin. Get ready for it!
2 pounds Pumpkin
1/2 packet of cream cheese (room temperature)
Fresh sage (chopped)
I tbs of black pepper
Cayenne pepper (optional)
1/8 tsp of salt
Swap the cream cheese with coconut milk. My God, I bet this is another diamond touch of flavor and taste to the dish.
P.S. To get coconut milk cream, put coconut milk in the refrigerator for some minutes to chill, this will cause the cream to rise up and chill at top level water underneath it. Just carefully scoop out the top to get the cream and use it on your pumpkin.
Happy Thanksgiving in advance!

Bake the pumpkin with skin side up for 1 hour in 350 degrees F oven.
Scoop them out in a bowl.
Add the cream cheese, salt, black pepper sage, salt, cayenne pepper and mash them all up until well incorporated.
Serve warm with your other favorite thanksgiving side dishes.



Author: Chisom

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