Crank up the weekend off with my new recipe, it is  very colorful and mouthwatering, especially with the teriyaki sauce, shrimps and  sausage. It makes the kids long for this dish over and over again, it’s simply amazing and most deserving of a foodie trophy! The best part is that you can ready under 30 minutes if you already have cooked rice. Using sausage to make this fried rice eliminates the need to use broth because it is packed with flavor and goodness; I’m really a fan of cooking fried rice with broth because it makes the rice go bad easily. Then the secret ingredient… teriyaki sauce raised flavor to power 10 but you can do without it. Ready? Let’s get to work!


About 5 cups of Cooked rice

3 tbs of I cannot believe it’s not butter

1 packet Breakfast sausage

1 pound Shrimps

A bunch Diced Green onions

3 large Diced Carrots (you can mix and match the diced veggies you want).

2 tbs of Teriyaki sauce

2 tsp of Curry powder

1 tbs Knorr powder

Black pepper




Clean and season the shrimps with salt and black pepper.

Heat the wok or pan.

Add 3 tbs of I cannot believe it’s not butter.

Chop and add the sausages, let it cook well until it is brown.

Add the green onions.

Add the diced carrots.

Add the shrimps and let it cook until it starts turning pink.

Add the rice, curry powder and knorr powder.

Stir it until completely heated through.

Drizzle about 2 tbs of teriyaki sauce and stir until it’s well incorporated.

Check for salt and add if there’s need for it.

Serve and enjoy, you will see it’s one you cannot resist!



Author: Chisom

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