sparkling peach drink


This recipe is a gift from me to you as a summer treat and my family enjoyed it too. Peeling and slicing this fresh, fuzzy skinned and juicy summer fruit is the most sensational part of the recipe process, the smell of fresh peaches  and the fresh lemons from the kitchen to other rooms in the home, for me, is a moment that can’t be captured with words, experience is the only option right here. Sweetened with agave and maple syrup, this drink is best served chilled…!


3 ripe peaches

1 bottle of sparkling water

2 lemons

Maple syrup and agave sweetener


First pour the sparkling water in a jar.

Puree the peaches until smooth.

Squeeze the lemons inside the jar.

Carefully pour in the peaches puree so that it doesn’t bubble spill.

Combine agave and maple syrup to sweeten  to desired taste.

Allow to chill and enjoy!



Author: Chisom

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