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Hi peeps, I’ve been away for a while now but guess what, it’s all because of you! I have been cooking up something distinct, something special that you would certainly drool for(winks). The recipe is super duper rich with various layers of flavor and taste coming from the smokiness of the bacon, the suya spice and the green onions. I consider this an all white meat burger endowed with  flavor and taste because I used ground turkey meat and turkey bacon. Let’s see it…


I pound of ground turkey meat

2 springs of green onions

21/2 tablespoons of suya spice

1/2 pack of turkey bacon



Finely chop the bacons.

Add the green onions, Suya spice, bacons, salt to ground; mix them up really good.

Divide the mixture into six(6) equal portions and mould them loosely to burger shape.

Heat the grill pan and add a little bit of the ‘I cannot believe it’s not butter’.

Grill until it becomes brownish, flip to the other side and do the same.

Once you flip after a few seconds, place sliced cheese on top to melt a little bit.

Serve on your favorite bun (bread) with some veggies.

Enjoy on a table set for many!



Author: Chisom

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