mango lemon juice

After drinking this mango juice, I trust you will want to try it yourself whenever you get thirsty for mango juice. Atleast you know what you are drinking is hygienically produced by you, in the comfort of your home. Also that sense of pride that comes with knowing you did it by yourself, is self satisfying. The mint leaves gives it an extra boost but you can do without it, it’s totally optional. I remember the first time I brought this drink to our block party, people could not believe it was homemade; because of the smoothness of the juice. Then they started spiking it up with their tequila and vodka…. the rest is history!


4 mangoes
4 lemons
2 – 750 ml bottles of sparkling water ( or ordinary water of about 2 – 750 ml)
Agave and maple syrup to taste
A bunch of mint leaves (optional)


Wash and peel the mangoes.
Cut out the flesh and discard the seeds.
Blend in a blender until smooth.
In the pitcher, put the mint leaves first and bruise it a little bit to release it’s oil.
Pour in the mango purée.
Pour in the juice of the four lemons.
Pour in the sparkling water.
Stir it.
Add the combination of maple syrup and agave to sweeten it.
Chill and enjoy with your family and friends!



Author: Chisom

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