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My fellow foodies, I bet this recipe will make you ditch the traditional fried plantains which goes down better as an accompaniment, or side order to other meals. This is a meal on it’s own. For the love of plantain, I present to you our plantain hash brown recipe. It’s easy to make and delicious too. We try to let you see through this recipe that plantain is so much more than a cousin to bananas. It is a new way to enjoy this beautiful fruit, without changing it’s original plantain taste. You can mix and match with veggies, herbs and spices, that’s what 9jadelicacies is all about; bringing out the creativity in every cook; so get inspired!


2 tbs of melted butter or I cannot believe it’s not butter

2 ripe plantains ( shredded, I used food processor)

1 egg

Green onions (the green part alone)

1/2 of medium size habanero pepper or scotch bonnet or jalapeΓ±o for a little heat

Pinch of Knorr powder

Salt to taste


Add and mix all ingredients in a bowl, measures as specified in the list above.

Heat the pan and pour in some of the melted butter or oil.

Scoop from the mixture in the pan, make flat and shape it round.

Let it cook for 30 seconds, the flip the other side to cook for another 30 seconds or it is golden brown.

Serve with custard or pap or with some sausage.

Try them once and you will be hooked. Add an island flair to your archive!



Author: Chisom

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