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Okro soup is a signature Nigerian soup, Nigerian soups are very complex both in ingredients and in the

preparation. Okro soup is one of the easiest of them all. Once you have all the prep for the soup, it is as

good as done.This is a soup every Nigerian girl should know how to make. It appeals to both Okro lovers

and those who tend not to like Okro in other dishes alike, because of its unique ingredients and

preparation. Try this and you won’t regret it.


8 cups of chopped Okro

2 cups of crayfish

2 hot peppers

2 medium size onions (one for cooking the meat and one for the soup)

ogili ekpeghi- 2 knorr cube size (optional)

4 medium size dry fish

3 cups of stock fish flakes

2 cooking spoons of palm oil



Cut the okro to desired size.


Cook the meat until it’s done. To cook the meat, you need onions, chicken boullion, water and salt so as

to have a delicious meat and delicious broth as well.


In a blender, blend the pepper, onions, crayfish and ogili okpehi.

Set aside.

Wash the dry fish and set aside.


Dice 1 medium onions.

In a soup pot, heat the palm oil and add onions to sizzle.

Add the blended ingredients.

Add the dry fish, stock fish and meat broth.

Add a cup of water. Adding extra water will depend on the size of the okro. if you want a thick okro

soup, there is no need to add water but if you want it in between thick and light, just add some water.

Let it boil, let all the ingredients get to know each other and for the dry fish and stock fish to get tender,

keep stirring occasionally.


Add the okro, chicken bouillon, stir it and bring it up to a boil.

Add the ugu leaves and stir.

Add salt to taste, stir and let it boil.

If you are using spinach, it should be the last thing to add. Then turn off the heat immediately

afterwards. Don’t let it boil because the spinach will wilt so much that you won’t find it in the soup.

Serve with Pounded yam or Agidi or any fufu of your choice.

So healthy, nutritious and African!



Author: Chisom

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