nigerian italian meatballs

You can’t go wrong with this tasty deliciousness. I’d like present to you, meatballs recipe option! It is our 9jatalian Meatballs, this recipe is a perfect blend of Nigerian And Italian cuisine which certainly turned out to be a match made in heaven! Let’s fill you in…


1 pound of Ground Turkey

1/4 cup of Olive oil

5 tablespoons of Suya spice

1 tbs Italian herb mix ( oregano, basil, marjoram, garlic, sage, rosemary)

Pinch of Knorr powder



Mix all the ingredients well.

Roll them into balls.

In a skillet, pour the oil and heat it up.

Add the meatball in the oil and allow to cook.

Stir occasionally until completely brown.

At this point you can pour in your ready made stew and let it boil.

This can serve as a sauce for your pasta or as a sandwich or better still in a wrap.

The taste is so amazing!


Turkey is an excellent source of protein which is essential for any healthy food. It provides valuable amounts of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, foliate, biotin and choline.

All cuts of turkey contains omega -3 fats which has an ability to support healthy nerve function.

Turkey intake doesn’t raise the risk of cancer like red meat. It has emerged as a food associated with decreased pancreatic cancer risk!



Author: Chisom

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