Easy Creamy Mac and Cheese


Happy new year to all our readers, I hope our 2015 recipes kept you busy during the festivities. I promise to post more exciting recipes in 2016.This recipe of classic macaroni and cheese is rich, yummy, and the best mac and cheese recipe I have tasted so far. Not because I own the recipe,  but unlike the conventional dry mac and cheese, this is creamy and provides a faster way to come up with a perfect dish.The reason why I say it’s easy is, you don’t have to make the bechmel sauce and you’ll still get your desired outcome. This is a great packed lunch for the kids, I like to refer to it as my “go to lunch” for those mornings that I’m running late. How did I make this work?



1 packet Pasta or any other Mac like Penne or Conchiglie

1/2 cup of American cheese

1 cup of Sharp cheddar cheese

5 tbs of I cannot believe it’s not butter



In a bowl of cooking water and salt, add the pasta and let it cook according to the instructions on the packet.

Strain and reserve some of the pasta water.

Reduce to low heat.

Add the I cannot believe it’s not butter quickly to avoid sticks.

Add the cheese.

Stir until it all is melted.

Add the pasta water little at a time, till you get the consistency you want.

Bon appetite!





Author: Chisom

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