Peach Strawberry Smoothie

peach and strawberry smoothie


Summer is here! With the weather constantly at high 80s and the kids on vacation it is so refreshing to cool down with a drink made with fresh fruit. In making my smoothies I don’t use milk or yoghurt because I prefer the fresh fruit goodness in a smoothie. For this recipe you need a good blender, ice, the fruits and a sweetener. Agave nectar and stevia are healthier sugar alternatives. I prefer to use a combination of both to achieve the natural sugar taste.


6 strawberries

1 large ripe peach

3 cups of ice

1 tbs of stevia

Agave nectar added to taste


Wash all the fruits

Hull the strawberries and peel the peach

Remove the seed from the peach

Put all the ingredients in the blender in the order it was listed and blend until smooth

Trust me, your family will surely thank you for it because mine did.



Author: Chisom

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