Fish Stew With ‘Nchuanwu’

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There’s something about the combination of fish stew and ‘nchuanwu’ that makes me to continue to eat it until there is no more left; This food is appetite enhancing! I knew this as a child as whenever my mum prepares this dish we never fail to ask repeatedly for more. I would like you folks to try this recipe because “eating is believing”
6 oz tin tomato paste
4 tbs of olive oil
3 large red bell peppers
1 medium size onions (chopped)
1 hot pepper
Dry fish
1 whole mackerel (cut and cleaned)
Fish stock

Season the mackerel fish with salt and roast in the oven
While the mackerel is in the oven roasting, season the dry fish with salt and boil until soft;
Keep the fish stock from the dry fish to be used for the stew preparation
Blend the peppers and half of the onions in the blender
Heat the olive oil, then add onions and tomato paste; continue to stir until toasty and has changed color
Add the pepper puree and let it simmer for a little bit
Add the fish stock, mackerel, dry fish, and maggi, cover and let it simmer
Add the ‘nchuanwu’
Add salt to taste, cover and let it simmer for a little bit
And that’s it!



Author: Chisom

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